Just finished a record in this lovely studio in West Vancouver, this place was off the hook.  Amazing sounding room.  So happy with the sound of my bassetto, and what a great band and beautiful music.  Happy!



A few sweet gigs and clinics in Vancouver this week, and a couple days in the studio. All with my bro on guitar and Buff Allen on drums.  Lots of video and audio footage to document the process.

Pretty hooked on my little bassetto these days, new custom bridge and fishman full circle pickup makes this bad boy sound like a gorgeous upright.  And FREE to fly with. YES!


Homeys with wee little basses…

I know that sounds bad :)
My homey, J Granelli and I, with our piccolo basses, playing some crazy ass music for free cappuccino’s. (Perhaps the finest cappuccino’s ever though!)
#smiling goat

Photo by Geoffrey Creighton Photography


Off to Spain….

I have an appointment with Reactable in Barcelona. Gonna check out the Reactable ‘live’ rig to build on my improvising electronic rig.

Hanging with Frisell…

What a great afternoon hanging with Bill Frisell. Genuine, warmhearted, brilliant musical spirit. Thank you for all you shared today!

(naaaa, I didn’t take a photo! Wanted to, but…..)

Duo tonight!

Tonight at the Smiling Goat in halifax, I’m playing a sweet little duo gig with J. Granelli (and…it’s his Birthday!)
Piccolo bass, bassetto, and a little bit of lapsteel, and a whole lot of adventure. Please do come down, have a beautiful cappucino and say hello, and listen to some music if you choose to! 5-7pm @ Smiling Goat (bishops landing). The new shop is beautiful, right next to the water.


Electronic music…

Finally, I found some late nights to work on some of my electronic music I’ve been dreaming up in my head for so long. This is my very small, mobile rig to travel with. Yes, I build amazing sounding in ear monitors and am using some very crappy universal fits. I just never have time to build monitors for myself, and the ones I do, I continually tear apart to try new ideas.
Anyway, I’m excited about my new electronic music project. Keeping it very spontaneous, and improvised is the real challenge. Dying to add some bassetto, three string guitar, and live drums. Hopefully will convince AJ Benoit to sing a few tracks.

Ok, ok. Shut er’ down. Go to bed. :)


Creative music Workshop…

Well, we wrapped up the new trio recording, and put listening mixes together. Darren @ Sonic Temple did an amazing job, what a great studio.
Tomorrow we begin the ten day journey of the Creative music workshop. Julian Preister, Jay Anthony Granelli, Christian koegel, dani Oore and others all arriving today and tomorrow to begin the intensive ten day workshop. It’s an honor for me to have become a full time faculty member for the last four years. It is an amazing experience for both teacher and student. Lots of guests this year, Bill Frisell, Susanne Chui, and others. We’ll be performing all week in various configurations. (I think I may be tossed a trio set with Julian Preister!)
Here we go!…..


Jerry Granelli trio +

Wrapped up the new record yesterday with Jerry Granelli and Dani Oore. Lots of guests too, including Mike Murley, Andrew MacKelvie and Andrew Jackson. A real Nova Scotia group.
Jerry and I will start rough mixes today for listening. Four horns, bassetto and drums, quite the mix. I’m excited to hear the music and play some concerts.

Dani Oore


Happening soon…

Lots of things happening soon. Off to California tomorrow to meet some musical friends and work on some things, then off to a meditation retreat near Portland, Maine for ten days, back home for a bit, then off to the east coast again to record a new trio record with Jerry Granelli and Dani Oore (with guest, Mike Murley).

Followed up by teaching at the Creative Music Workshop in Halifax with Jerry Granelli, Julian Preister, Jay Anthony Granelli, Christian Kogel. (Bill Frisell is coming by to teach alongside us for a day or two as well).

Then off to Spain for three weeks to work on some electronic music, and travel with my family. Feeling very inspired, energetic, and fairly present! :)

Have to learn to put my devices away before I sleep. I’ll post more details and stories soon.