A Charlie Brown Christmas

I’m pretty excited about playing four concerts with Jerry Granelli this december, Jerry  Granelli’s long stint with Vince Guaraldi, included many recordings and touring all over the world, however the most prominent recording was the Charlie Brown Christmas.

Granelli is the only living member of that trio that established a christmas tradition among households around the globe.  I’ve been working with Granelli for 6 years now, four records, and tours across North America, he has always said he was not sure if he could revisit that music, and if he did, how?

Well, somebody convinced him, and he has asked me to join the trio, and my longtime friend, and musical cohort, Chris Gestrin on piano.  We will be presenting ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ in its entirety, including children’s choir, both in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Ottawa, Ontario, this December.  (Dec 7 & 8, 2013)

Jerry Granelli has become a very dear friend in a short period of time, I was honoured that he was interested in creating music with me, in my projects, but to be asked to create music with him on his projects is something i never imagined when i first had heard he moved to halifax in the late 80’s.  He has become an amazing community builder in halifax, and has elevated the creative music scene worldwide.  I am just fortunate to be a part of it, and become a part of the lineage.